TOP 5 Ways to use the Weekly Activity Planner

From conversations, photos and feedback from those of you who have purchased our charts, here are the TOP 5 most popular ways that you are using the Monkey & Chops Weekly Activity Planner….

  1. Pre-schoolers

By far the most popular way that our Weekly Activity Planner is used is to ‘Organise your pre-schooler’s daily & weekly activity schedule.’ Whether they’re heading to kinder/child care or to grandmas for the day, being looked after by their nanny, or spending the day with mum or dad, all of their movements and activities can be visually set-out for them to promote greater awareness and understanding of what lies ahead.

Weekly Activity Planner

  1. School kids

Having trouble keeping track of your kids’ weekly school requirements? Lots of you now use the Weekly Activity Planner to remind everyone when the PE uniform is required, when the musical instrument should be taken to school along with library books/bags, art smocks and any other specialist requirements. By using the simple icons on the appropriate days of the week, there is now no excuse for forgetting the essentials!Family WAP

  1. Separated families

Several customers have told us that the use of a Weekly Activity Planner at both mum’s and dad’s house, ensures their children are always aware of their movements between houses during the week. It also provides some continuity for the kids and ensures everyone’s across the school/kinder weekly plan.

  1. Working Families

Busy kids and working parents always makes for a hectic week! The need for meal planning and scheduling of who’s doing pick-up and drop-off around all the before and after school activities is something that the clever, busy working families are implementing to keep it all together!

Monkey&Chops WAP_family week planner

  1. The “Grown up” family

Here’s an interesting use for what we thought was a product geared towards kids. Some of you have brought our Weekly Planners in order to organise the whereabouts of your adult children. Who is in and who is out for dinner, who and what is cooking on what night of the week and when are the main family events? We love the grown up take on our Weekly Activity Planner!!


We’re thrilled that our Weekly Activity Planner is used in so many different ways by so many different families…but in essence, the outcome is the same…it’s keeping everyone well organised! We love hearing about how you use our products, so please keep all your thoughts and feedback coming in!