Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the difference between the flexible magnetic sheet and the rigid magnetic board versions of your charts?
A. The flexible sheet is perfect for attaching directly to the fridge. If you’d prefer to attach your chart to your child’s bedroom wall or a cork board etc. then the hangable, rigid board is the version for you. Both are magnetic, however, the flexible sheet version MUST be attached to a metal surface for the magnets to stay in place. The rigid board version has a metallic strip inside the thick board which means it can be hung on any wall of the house and the magnets will stay attached to the board!

Q. Where is the best place to attach my flexible magnetic sheet chart?
A. A metal surface is essential so that the magnets can stay attached to the chart. Fridges are a great place to attach our charts within the home as they’re usually in a central location where the family can see it everyday. Otherwise, magnetic whiteboards, magnetic picture board or metal filing cabinet will also work.

Q. What if the flexible chart doesn’t stick to my fridge?
A. Some fridges have low levels of iron in their doors which make them less magnetic. You should check the magnetism of your fridge before purchasing. As mentioned, you could attach your flexible sheet chart to another metal surface such as a magnetic whiteboard, magnetic picture board or metal filing cabinet, or purchase the rigid board version of the product.

Q. Can I stick my chart directly onto a wall/door/cork board?
A. You’ll need to purchase the rigid magnetic board version of our charts if you want to do this. These charts come with a string to thread through the holes in the chart to create a hanging loop. You can then hang the chart from a hook/nail (not included) attached to the wall. Alternatively, you may choose to stick the chart directly to the wall (adhesives not included).

Q. I’ve been using my chart for a while now and it’s starting to look a bit dirty from writing all over it everyday. How can I keep it looking clean & bright?
A. You can wipe your chart clean using a damp cloth, alcohol wipe or mild cleaning solution to make it look brand new again!