Customer Feedback

‘What are we doing today Mommy? I used to hear that question at least 10 times a day. This chart (Weekly Activity Planner) from Monkey & Chops has been a lifesaver’
Jaime, Florida, USA – April 2016

‘I just got this yesterday and WOW what a change. My toddler always wants to demonstrate his independence which makes getting him to do anything difficult. This was an IMMEDIATE life saver. As soon as the magnets were up on the board, he pointed to each magnet and said what each one depicted. It was easy to shift from activity to activity without a rough transition. I just said “Let’s see what’s next on the schedule” and he came running up without tears or argument. I’ve only had it for a day and a half and it is working remarkably well. I just wish it came with more playground/playgroup magnets, but I can buy them off the website. I love this and I am so happy I found this.’
Ruth, Las Vegas, USA – Oct 2015

‘My 4 yr old loves this! He couldn’t wait to be “in charge ” of his own schedule! Great product.’
Kathryn, California, USA – Dec 2015

‘My kids (3 and 5) love this – totally keeps them on track and prevents early morning & bedtime meltdowns. We use this in conjunction with token rewards (Kichange). Kids get one token each time they complete their tasks, and two if they complete their tasks without me nagging them 🙂 They seem really proud of their accomplishments!’
Holly, Washington, USA – Sept 2015

‘Very pleased with item 🙂 ’
Liz, Berkshire, UK – Sept 2015

‘Thank you! Received. Wonderful. (Thumbs up emoji).’
Lisa, ACT, AUS – Sept 2015

‘Very useful for kids.’
Shahid, Lancashire, UK – Aug 2015

‘Excellent product, can be adapted easily, arrived quickly, highly recommend.’
Lynda, NSW, AUS – Aug 2015

‘Was such a thrill to receive this letter from my niece, it Shane feedbackseems it’s not just her mum who thinks that the weekly activity planner is a winner! What a great, practical gift that both kids and parents love and that makes a real difference in their lives.’
Shane, Tasmania, AUS – Aug 2015

‘The daily routine chart has arrived and is already in use. My son runs to have a look what he needs to do. These charts are the best I have found so far, they are bright and colourful and are easy for the children to use themselves.’
Catherine, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND – Aug 2015

‘Fantastic and Perfect thank you!’
Tara, AUS – Feb 2015

‘As described and fast shipping!’
Kirsten, AUS – Feb 2015

‘Excellent to deal with great communication! Would recommend.’
Lindy, AUS – Jan 2015

‘Love them, they will be perfect for what I want.’
Jean, AUS – Nov 2014

‘The weekplanner has been really beneficial for my 3-year old son. We both love it. More structure, less questions and more secure about the activity’s coming up. I live in the Carribean and have been surfing the internet alot to finally find this prduct which was exactly what I was looking for (magnetic planner!). Although this planner had to travel around the world to ‘find’ my home, it was totally worth it. Thanks for a wonderful product!’
VCS, Florida, USA – Oct 2014

‘We have had great use of our daily planner at home, and use it every week. I have attached the planner to the whiteboard section of my little ones art easel, which is at her height so she can look at it every day. She knows what each of the magnets represent and knows all of the days of the week (just not what order yet, she’s only 2). My little one still has a day sleep, so we would have liked to have more sleep magnets included in the package. Overall, we have thought of it as being a very worthwhile purchase.’
Paige, Melbourne, AUS – Oct 2014

‘Received your amazing charts yesterday! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product. We love it!.’
Julia, Budapest, HUNGARY – Sept 2014

‘I just placed my order through Amazon, and I am very excited to receive my shipment. Your design is everything that I have tried to DIY … for years! I LOVE IT!:)’
Paige, Missouri, USA – Sept 2014

‘Thanks product and service was fantastic would highly recommend thanks again.’
Cassie, Parafield Gardens, AUS – Sept 2014

‘The boys are loving their @monkeyandchops daily routine chart.. It makes my life so much easier too cause they love doing things in order!!’
Carly, Melbourne, AUS – July 2014

‘Bailey loved putting his charts together and organizing his days.’
Jodie, Cairns, AUS – June 2014

‘Just ordered 2 of these AWESOME @monkeyandchops Weekly Activity Planners. So perfect for my little boys who are always asking “what are we doing today”. Now they will be able to check the fridge and see what day is school/kinder, which night they have swimming lessons, what night is karate…tennis…Kumon… And even park time, birthday parties… And my favourite… “Quiet time”. These are so awesome. My Grade Preppy will especially love as he is learning days of the week right now and always wants to know which day is what and what’s happening!’
Belinda, Melbourne, AUS – June 2014

‘I bought it as a present for my sister and her kids. It arrived really quickly and looks great – thanks.’
Melissa, Daisy Hill, AUS – June 2014

‘Simply great A+.’
Derek, Camden Park, AUS – June 2014.

‘Great product. Thank you!’
Jasmin, Camp Hill, AUS – June 2014

‘Congratulations on the launch of your new products – they’re awesome. Just what working mums need. :-)’
Salli, Cairns, AUS – May 2014

‘Love this product. Very satisfied, thank you! Very happy with product!’
Shan, Rochedale Sth, AUS – May 2014.

‘Great concept for the busy family.’
Amanda, Adelaide, AUS – May 2014.