Organise, Reward, Educate!

Monkey & Chops is passionate about building organisational and behavioural skills for life. Our bright & colourful magnetic charts are aimed at developing independence and behavioural self-management in children, whilst our unique pocket money range improves the financial literacy of primary school children and beyond.

Organise, Reward, Educate!

The Monkey & Chops range of products offer children an introduction to organisational and time-management skills, goal-setting, learning and financial awareness to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of 21st century life.

Planning for Success

Activity is the spice of life and keeping our little ones engaged and willing to learn and adapt to new experiences is key to developmental success throughout the childhood years. Given that a child’s week is generally organised around day care/school, grandparents/carers, appointments, activities and play dates, the Monkey & Chops Weekly Activity Planner allows children to visualise the order of activities and events that lie ahead of them each day. When children have a greater awareness and understanding of what is planned for the day ahead they feel more secure, reducing anxiety and increasing the chance of a happy and successful experience!

The Weekly Activity Planner also introduces your child to effective organisational skills, so that daily and weekly planning becomes second nature. Just think of the long term benefits that may be gained and the well-established time-management skills instilled at such an early age by using these simple, yet effective, organisational and behavior charts for kids!

Own the Routine, Own the Behavior

Children generally respond well to routine. As their need for independence grows, children thrive in taking ownership of their routines. A proven way to promote positive behavior is in executing a routine your child has been instrumental in developing. The Monkey & Chops fully magnetic Daily Routine Chart provides a visual representation of your child’s individualised morning and evening routines so they know the specific type and order of tasks that are expected of them during these busy and often difficult times of the day. Perfect for children starting out at school, these charts helps to establish school day routines and are a great tool for the transition back to school after long summer holidays. A personalised daily routine chart will help your child feel empowered and develop the confidence and discipline required to perform daily tasks independently.

Learning To Achieve

The Monkey & Chops Reward Chart provides a fun and colourful backdrop for positive behavioural development, whilst building solid foundations for learning. By allowing your child to identify the areas they need to work on, reward their own efforts using star stickers and evaluate their progress over time, your child will be actively engaged in the process of self-regulated learning, an essential skill for life in the 21st century.

Chores Need Not Be A Bore

By using behavior charts, how can we make the routine of family chores interesting for kids? What if you allowed them to allocate the weekly chores to each family member on a Monkey & Chops Chore Chart? The interactive weekly activity could involve the whole family using the colourful chore magnets in an organised and highly visible manner. The Monkey & Chops Chore Chart is an excellent tool for teaching children the importance of contributing to the family unit, taking responsibility for household tasks and maintaining consistency in their approach.

If you’re looking for a way of adding monetary reward systems to the weekly chores process, you can’t go past the Monkey & Chops Pocket Money Maths chart! This chart specifically links responsibilities with rewards and provides a fun platform for encouraging maths within the home.

What Next?

Monkey & Chops has developed this exciting range of organisational and behavior charts to help kids learn valuable behavioural skills and achieve realistic goals with enthusiasm and enjoyment. The best part is they are fully magnetic and therefore completely versatile to suit your family needs. Whilst instilling the principles of good behavior in children is sometimes a challenge, it shouldn’t always be a battle! Our organisational and behavior charts aim to help parents with this process so if you’re interested in finding out more about the Monkey & Chops range of behavior charts, click on the links above for suggestions for how to use our products in an educational, interactive and fun way with your kids. Go ahead and purchase one of our behavior charts for the ongoing education and development of your child and to help you encourage positive behaviour in a confident way.