Pocket Money all adds up for future rewards

It’s hard to image, but a significant number of jobs that our primary school children will do when they hit the workforce, have not yet been invented… read more


 5 Tips for a great transition back to school

After all the late nights, beach holidays and general free play, getting the kids back into the school-day routine can be a shock to the system for all involved. So how do we make the transition “Back to School” a positive one for your family? Here is a list of 5 things you can do for a smooth transition… read more


 Monkey & Chops TOP 5: Reduce Parental Stress

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21st century learners

Monkey & Chops TOP 5: Weekly Activity Planner

Here are the TOP 5 most popular ways that you are using our Monkey & Chops Weekly Activity Planner. An interesting compilation that might surprise! …read more


21st century learners Self-Regulated Learning: 21st Century skills

 Have you ever considered that the way children learn  today, will  prepare  them for the demands of work and  life tomorrow?  Essential 21st century skills… more