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Why Behavior Charts Work For Kids

Why Monkey & Chops Behavior Charts Work

Monkey & Chops’ bright & engaging organisational and behavior charts are perfect for guiding children through their weekly schedules, daily routines, behavioural goals and family responsibilities. Our fully magnetic charts are designed with kids in mind. The simple & colourful images on movable magnetic pieces are perfect for little fingers to interact with every day and ideal for placing on the fridge, your child’s whiteboard, or other magnetic surface.

The Monkey & Chops Weekly Activity Planner, Daily Routine Chart, Reward Chart and Chore Charts allow children to be in control of their activities and behaviour in a way that appeals to their senses whilst providing important stepping stones on the path of long term behavioural growth. They offer children an introduction to organisational, time-management and learning skills that will help them to navigate through the ever-changing demands of 21st century life.