Pocket Money Maths…it all adds up for future reward!

It’s hard to image, but a significant number of jobs that our primary school children will do when they hit the workforce, have not yet been invented. Couple this with the prediction that by 2030, 47% of all current jobs could be automated(1)… and it’s clear that the skill-set of the future worker may look very different to our own!

Political leaders and education experts around the globe are pushing for a greater uptake of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects throughout the schooling years. There’s a strong belief that STEM jobs are the jobs of the future, essential for developing technological innovation and competitiveness(2) in the ever-changing global marketplace.


Maths has long been a core subject within the education systems worldwide. However, so many of our children turn away from maths by the time they reach upper secondary and tertiary education. If maths is truly such an important skill for future-proofing our children, how do we turn this trend around? How do we get kids excited about maths and make it a fun and pivotal part of our children’s lives?

Making Maths Fun

At Monkey & Chops, the education and development of our children are at the heart of every product we design. Our quest to raise happy and socially responsible children, whilst preparing them for the rigours of working life, is always at the forefront of our thinking. Our latest product, the Pocket Money Maths chart is no exception…

Pocket Money Maths

We all grapple with the concept of pocket money sooner or later. How do we implement it, what strategies do we use, how much, how often? It’s a minefield really, especially if you have multiple children all pulling on the purse strings at the same time!

Kids are always asking for the newest toy or gadget, but they’re lukewarm when it comes to completing chores around the house. It wasn’t until I read a truly insightful book by Dr Arne Rubenstein called “The Making of Men”(3), did I link the pocket money and household chores systems together creating a pocket money reward system sure to please all!

The Monkey & Chops Pocket Money Maths chart sets clear guidelines for helping out around the house, whilst encouraging mathematical nous through the calculation of the weekly allowance received. It specifically links household responsibilities with monetary reward, promoting financial awareness from an early age.

Pocket Money Maths

In a bid to inspire budding mathematicians all over the world, the Monkey & Chops Pocket Money Maths chart is now available for purchase. Help your kids contribute to the household in a truly rewarding way. Most importantly, encourage them to practice their maths every day at home and begin to arm them with essential skills for life.


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